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In healthcare practices and facilities, the ability to retain a strong workforce is critical. When Healthcare Professional (HCP) leaves, it can cause disruption in their department, as well as create holes that other employees need to fill. This can be mitigated by having a strong network of contingency workforce, locum pool, bank staff and the engagement of a robust recruitment agency. However, even with the engagement of seasoned locum healthcare professionals, it takes a moment for a healthcare practice to gain its full momentum to continue to offer excellent services to patients. This disruption, albeit temporary, may lead to more turnover and even lower productivity if workforce contingency is not adequately managed. It is therefore imperative that hiring managers in the healthcare environment manage employee turnover rates by creating a culture that empowers workers and increases job satisfaction

Review Your Hiring Process

The first step to reducing employee turnover rates is by hiring the right people. This means that hiring managers should make sure that they have clearly defined job requirements and qualifications, as well as a thorough screening process for applicants. Working with a seasoned recruitment agency or partner brings in a wealth of experience to your hiring practices. It’s not just about selecting good candidates; it’s also about selecting the right ones. The recruitment process should involve a thorough screening process that will ensure that only highly qualified healthcare professionals are employed by your organization. This can be done through a comprehensive assessment of credentials and experience. It is also important to consider how your company’s culture will fit with each potential employee in order to ensure an effective match between individuals and positions.

Invest in a strong, positive company culture.

A strong, positive healthcare brand culture is a key factor in reducing the high HCP turnover rate. Building a practice culture requires effort and dedication from both management and healthcare professionals. Here are some steps to help you build a strong positive culture:

Building a strong, positive organisation's culture takes time, but the benefits are well worth the effort. By prioritising and promoting a positive work environment, you can create a culture that supports employee satisfaction, engagement, and success. When employees feel that they are part of a supportive team and are working towards the same goals, they are more likely to feel happy and fulfilled at work. This can have a positive impact on productivity, reducing turnover and improving employee retention rates.

Celebrate wins together.

Encourage employee feedback and communication.

Offer challenging opportunities for growth.

Provide opportunities for growth

Employees who feel they are growing and learning are more likely to stay with your company. Even if you don't have a formal mentorship program, you can give employees the opportunity to work on projects they're passionate about, or mentor them yourself. Provide training and education opportunities as well--it's never too late to learn something new!

Engaged employees are more productive, loyal, and happy to be part of the team!

If you want to reduce turnover, you need to focus on engagement. Engaged employees are more productive and loyal than their disengaged counterparts. They're also happier to be part of the team, which means they're more likely to stick with you.

An engaged employee is one who feels a sense of ownership over their work--they feel like part of a big picture rather than just another cog in the machine. In other words, they feel valued by their employer and have faith that what they do matters for something bigger than themselves (i.e., company success).


We hope this article has inspired you to take a look at how your Healthcare facility is doing, and strategies to implement to improve your practice.  While it's important to create an environment where employees feel valued and supported, it's also crucial for companies to understand that by investing in their people, they will be rewarded with more productive and loyal workers who are happier at work!

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