Why You Should Take Up Additional Locum Shifts
Blog: Whatever the reason may be, it is a fact that having to take up more Locum shifts will do you good in achieving your goals.

Locum professionals take their time in covering shifts, especially last minute shifts in patient care and providing important additional services during times of rare healthcare demand.

They are key assets to the UK’s healthcare service.

But at times, you might feel the need to take more shifts and do more in your career pursuit. This may depend on various reasons: make more income, engage your time, or increase your experience.

Whatever the reason may be, it is a fact that having to take up more Locum shifts will do you good in achieving your goals.

If you’ve considered taking more shifts, here are 5 benefits why you should:

You Can Experience Different Pharmaceutical Disciplines & Environments:

One reason to seek locum work is because of the opportunity to experience the diverse Pharmaceutical disciplines.

This is common if you happen to be a fresh graduate unsure of what area of the Locum career you want to specialize in.

For example, you can work your shifts within the week in community Pharmacy, and then on the weekends, you can try Hospital Pharmacy.

Similarly, if you are a more experienced Pharmacist, focusing on a particular work system can help you choose more shifts.

This will help you explore different methods, if you’re craving something different.

A Way of Increasing your Income:

One of the main reasons why Health care professionals work locum shifts is so they can supplement their income.

This is a fast and easy way to earn some extra money as a Locum.

By taking additional shifts during weekdays or weekends, you get paid more.

Hence, you can achieve long-term financial goals & be financially independent.

No Stressful Shift Searching Process:

Having recruitment agencies help you locate & secure shifts per time can take the stress of job search away.

When you work with Verovian Recruitment Agency, you will be assigned a dedicated agent who will regularly search for opportunities to suit your need and schedule.

Which can help you make the most of your knowledge, skills and experience.

Having more patient time & less administration:

Another thing about taking up extra locum shifts is the ability to do your practice without having to worry about administrative responsibilities or paperwork.

When you work shifts as a Locum, there are more opportunities for you to focus on patients and carry out your professional duties appropriately.

By doing this, you wouldn’t have the need to be distracted by administration duties.

But you will have enough time performing your duties and attending to patients.


As a Health care professional who does part-time jobs, using locum shifts to supplement your needs is ideal.

This will provide you the opportunity to find time for other things of interest and passion to you.

You can have time to take a vacation, spend time with friends and family, start a course or focus on other things important to you.

Finally, Verovian Recruitment Agency is one of the UK’s most respected Health care recruitment agencies. We have helped thousands of medical professionals find permanent and locum shifts across the UK.

Benefits of working with Verovian Recruitment are:

  • Excellent remuneration package.
  • Online training available.
  • An assigned consultant.
  • Assistance with accommodation and relocation where required.
  • Support from an approachable and knowledgeable friendly team.
  • Access to exclusive Vacancies within the NHS and PRIVATE sectors in your preferred geographical area and field.

Are you interested in our services to help support your job search, register with us by clicking on this link.

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