What Makes a Good Locum?
What Makes a Good Locum?

Given the broad range of lifestyle benefits of locum jobs and the ever-growing demand for locums in the UK. It’s not surprising to see a large number of healthcare professionals choosing to locum at some point in their careers, whether on a temporary or permanent basis. The need to have a flexible schedule, better hourly rate pay and other opportunity associated with locum jobs seem to be attracting a huge number of healthcare professionals to locum. As a result of this transition it is now more important than ever to stand out as a locum but what qualities must a locum possess to succeed in the field? What makes a good locum?

Here’s a look at the key personality traits you will need to stand out and be a good locum every agency or pharmacy would want to offer shifts.

Professional and Personal Traits of a Good Locum

There are quite a number of professional attributes that make a person very well suited to the locum life and be more likely to be successful at it:

1. First Impressions

It’s no doubt first impression matters. However, making a good memorable one is what sets you apart from an average person. Being kind and gentle to both staff members and to your patients will leave a good impression. Nobody wants to work or be around a rude team member. Make an extra effort to be on your best behavior wherever you find yourself working that way you will stand out and get more job offer. Most importantly ensure you do your job efficiently.

2. Be Reliable

One of the key elements of success in locuming is reliability. It’s important to deliver on what you say you can commit to and not cancel shifts that you have committed to. Make sure you show up when and where you say you will. Most importantly commit yourself to the job you agreed to.

If you cancel shifts at the eleventh hour, always late or don’t turn up at all, you will be viewed negatively by employers. However, there may be instances where you can’t help but cancel or show up late. When this happens, ensure you communicate well and promptly with your agency. Doing this will help them to find a replacement on time. Lastly, set a high standard of professionalism and deliver a great job.

3. Be Organized

The need to be organized is of vital importance to locuming. It is fundamental for a good locum both in terms of managing your schedule and income. Having excellent time management and organizational skills will not only help you stay on top of all the administrative aspects of being a locum but also establishes a sense of trust and professionalism.

4. Flexibility 

The need for flexibility in locum jobs is very essential to be on top. Having a flexible schedule that is open to different locations and organizations, as well as being flexible in rate negotiation is a key element in locum jobs. You may need to work in a number of different places within a short space of time and being flexible with respect to different systems, attitudes, and processes would be a huge attribute. When you’re flexible, you are versatile, resilient, and also responsive to change.

5. Good Communicator

It goes without saying that having good interpersonal skills helps build a trusting relationship. Especially when you’re working as a locum. Communication with staff members or the store manager is a key step to building stronger professional relationships.

6. Tech proficiency 

Many companies make use of different software to perform their task. Being tech proficient will give you the advantage to work with any company regardless of the system and most importantly help you to work efficiently. You will not be held back or delayed by a lack of technical know-how.

7. Tolerance 

Being a locum means working in different places with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Having Tolerance will help you build bridges and capitalize on the differences present in any environment you find yourself.

Going The Extra Mile 

Being indispensable is when your employer cannot find a better person to do your job. Going beyond your job description and doing a job that gets you noticed is a key to stay relevant.  locums who stop working the minute their shift ends, regardless of what’s happening, are rarely asked to return.

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