Verovian app features
verovian app features

The verovian app for locum pharmacists is packed with lots of useful options and functions enabling a smooth running of your day -to- day activities from updating your locum diary to applying for shifts, getting booked and receiving a confirmation notification.

As a keynote, we are poised on delivering the best of service to our locums with quality, innovation and improved user experience at the fore front of our operations.

Here are some huge benefits available to app users:

Improved organisation: Your shifts are easy to read and highly organised. You can view your booked dates in a month at a glance without recourse to checking through your inbox or manual dairy for availability updates.

Proper time management: Upon completion of your registration with us you will have optimum control over your availability. You can have a quick browse of your assignments in the coming week, tasks you applied for, pending tasks and completed tasks. Here you get access to instant notifications of which you can choose to accept or decline- all in real time.

Stay updated: Enhanced personalisation of your shifts for the dates and distance you wish to work. Make your choice from thousands of available shifts at the palm of your hands on the Go!. Update your diary to receive locum shifts before they get published on social platforms

Quick navigation: With an improved user interface, you can navigate through various sections in the app with ease. Infinite scrolling is enabled with smooth interface to aid navigation

Easy application: Apply for stay away shifts, permanent jobs, refer a friend, get store feedback, update diary, enhanced job search –all in one click from the app.

How to update your locum diary on the app

Once you are fully registered with Verovian Agency, you can update your availability in real time.

-Log on to your app

-Click the diary icon at the bottom page

-On the displayed calendar, click your available dates for a particular month. The dates turn orange

-Scroll down to the bottom page, click on the red colour palette which depicts free dates

-Now all selected dates become red, when you get booked for your free dates the colour becomes green automatically

Note: As an alternative to using Verovian APP, you can update your diary on your desktop as well

Importance of updating your locum dairy

-Access to shift updates

-Your dedicated consultant gives you first refusal on shifts

-Your availability can be managed when you are busy (if you instruct us to book you on particular dates)

-You don’t have to keep looking for shifts. Your preferred shifts are delivered in your inbox when you update your availability

Key APP features

My diary: A feature, which helps you reflect on activities as well as stay on top of new updates. You can click on dates you want to update on your calendar. Click on colour palettes to update your status for each day as described above.

You can search for locum shifts and updates for each month by inserting month and year at the top left and click GO to reveal your search query

Shift search: Get updated with available shifts in your area. You can easily pick shifts on the go! Choose where and when you want to work instantly, as easy as ABC.

Job search: With its personalised search experience, the job search feature is a one-stop solution for temporary and permanent jobs available for pharmacists, optometrist and physiotherapists across the UK. Here you can search, find and apply for jobs available in your area – all in one click.

Stay away shifts: Apply for stay away shifts directly from the app. Click the three horizontal lines at the top left to reveal the “stay away” shift option. Click and fill out required information before submitting.

A stay away shift creates a different level of exposure, you get to meet new people, explore new locations, experience various work standards which can be useful along your career path.

verovian app features

Permanent job request: If you cannot find your dream job in the search section, you can send us a note of your requirement for a tailor -made shift. Your dedicated consultant will work with you for your perfect match.

As a bottom line, verovian app provides a handful of useful options to help you manage your work schedule on the GO. However, we have eliminated the hassle of looking for locum shifts as we keep you in the loop of things and ensure maximum operational flexibility.

Remember, all our services are 100% free to locums. Get in touch if you have any questions about our locum services, throughout the UK.

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