A moment of reflection – before we face the ‘new normal’
How Verovian Agency is Supporting professionals in The Fight Against COVID 19

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 virus on the globe, our team has been privileged to fight alongside healthcare professionals in various fields to combat the spread of this infection. We have worked with some of the bravest Heroes in the NHS to include locum pharmacists who have left their residence to remote areas with a shortage of health care professionals to support the health care team.

Additionally, we have worked with the pharmacists and trained dispensers, who had previously gone into other careers; and returned to pharmacy team for this fight. This includes our director here at Verovian. These Heroes returned into the world of pharmacy to support during the crisis. It has been a true honour working with you during one of the worst fights the world has seen. We have been honoured to stand in the gap by supporting professionals in the Fight Against COVID19.

Our terms of approach and duty are channelled towards ways of affecting lives positively. Our priority has been to ensure that patients have adequate numbers of health care professionals working. We supported with phone calls, hotel bookings, taxi schedule, speaking with a number of external agents and companies to ensure the service delivery of our Heroes was carried out with ease.

Our team had been formidable in their support to contractors – including those we have not worked with. We are all in this together. The fight for the overall victory has been the priority of all involved. The significance of such can only attest to how strong and resolute our workforce can be. We will continue to stand in the gap by connecting professionals and other health care sectors with our dynamic approach.

Verovian Agency offers on-going Support to professionals and contractors in The Fight Against COVID 19

Our networks afford a practical method that encompasses a lot of reach-outs with advanced technology for easy access. We are able to communicate with thousands of locums effectively – which goes beyond email marketing. This ensures our clients can pass on crucial and practical messages instantly to locums with ease.

Contractors had put several measures in place to show practical commitments in ensuring locums and staffs safety throughout the coronavirus outbreaks. This has included installing perplex glasses, PPE supplies, ensuring patients are educated on social distancing approaches, telephone consultation policies and many more. We have been able to relay practical suggestions from field key workers to contractors to ensure radical positive changes are implemented timely.

Our scope and order of operation were put into true test during the worst of the outbreak. We have been able to meet up with the current challenges. Our focus has been patient-centred and very much so in the past few months. By prioritizing on finding cover for emergencies we have been able to touch many lives positively.

Working at all hours had been a norm in the past weeks. We have supported contractors during their out of hours or when unreachable to stand in the gap between contractors and locums to ensure a smooth resolution prior to their resumption to duty. These we have done with absolute pleasure, with the overall outcome in mind.

We have unfortunately had some bad news from some of our healthcare professionals. We commiserate with you on this very sad news and we take a moment to reflect on this.

Again, our special thank you to the professionals who have risked their lives to curb the spread of diseases. Overall messages we have received from our locums have been as expected – committed to serving. You have strengthened our faith in humanity. We will continue to provide the healthcare industry with all the support they need in winning the fight against covid19.

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