Reasons Why a Locum’s Payment May be Delayed
Reasons Why a Locum's Payment May be Delayed
As a locum, you expect to get paid promptly for your services. We are with you on this 100%.  Chasing up payment should not be a usual practice, unfortunately, this is an experience locums can relate to. While this is often own to administrative lapses there other reasons why a locum’s payment may be delayed.  To curtail this practice,  this article looks at the other reasons why a locum’s payment may be delayed and the measures of resolving them.

Incomplete registration

Providing the required documents and the right information when creating a profile account is very essential. Information such as bank detail is very crucial in processing your payment and should be done appropriately when you are setting up your account. Failure to provide detailed information with updated documents often results in payment delay after working a shift.

Failure to submit claim invoice

While some companies pay directly into their locum’s account using a platform. Others need to receive invoices setting out the time worked, the rate, additional expenses if appropriate and the total due. If you book a session with a company whether directly or through an agency. It is customary for you to hand over your claim invoice to the store manager at the end of the shift, where it is required. Failure to submit a claim invoice would prevent your payment from being processed in time.

The store manager on holiday

In most companies, payment invoices are often managed by the store manager or the coordinator. Hence, processing your payment may be delayed if the store manager or the coordinator is on holiday.

How to deal with late payments

Locums payments are usually made within 28 days after covering a shift most companies pay much sooner. If you don’t get paid after the due date, it is appropriate to reach out to the company or to your agency in the following manner;
  • Send an Email. Send an email reminder to the company or agency and request for an update on your due payment. You should also consider attaching a copy of your claim invoice as it may have been misplaced as a result of improper filing or recording. When you work through verovian agency then you do not need to take time out to chase up your payment. Just get in touch with us we will do that on your behalf.
  • Personal phone call. Another way to deal with late payment is by reaching out to the store or to your agency with a follow-up call. Authorising manager may be on holiday; Making a simple follow up phone call could expedite the process of your payment.
Lastly, to avoid late payment register with a good agency. This ensures you are informed of all you need to prevent delayed payment. Complete your registration by submitting all required documents and make sure you input the right information appropriately. Ensure you submit the claim invoice at the end of your shift before leaving the store or practice. Also, don’t forget to update your profile or inform your agency if you decide to change your payment account for any reason.

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