Professional Indemnity Insurance: A must-have for locum pharmacists
indemnity insurance

This article aims to elaborate on the importance of indemnity insurance in line with your career path as a locum pharmacist. Moreover, as a locum pharmacist, you need to have some sort of cover against claims that can discredit you whilst still in active practice.

What is indemnity insurance?

Indemnity insurance describes an essential document whose inherent policy protects the holder (pharmacy owner or pharmacist) in the event that they are uneven in a dispute arising from an act of negligence.

As key workers involved in providing primary healthcare services, you are liable for any damages or errors experienced by patients who use your service. However, Indemnity insurance protects both pharmacist and pharmacy owners in the event of irregularities.

Why do I need an insurance policy as a locum pharmacist?

– Indemnity insurance is a perquisite document applicable to your professional registration as a practicing pharmacist

– It guarantees protection against shortcomings arising from errors or uneven practice

– This policy gives you unrestricted access to working in different locations

– Provides a means of resolution in terms of payment disputes between locums and pharmacy managers

What does pharmacist indemnity insurance cover?

Moreover, just like a life insurance policy provides cover for you and your family in the long run, your indemnity insurance keeps any negative allegations at bay during active practice as a pharmacist. Listed below are specific

  • Any act of negligence during active practice
  • Dispensing error
  • Incorrect prescription
  • Omissions

Where can I get registered for indemnity insurance?

While we do not endorse any of these organisations, here are a few options you may wish to consider regarding professional Indemnity insurance for locum pharmacists in the UK.

Pharmacy Defence Association (PDA): Upon becoming a member of the PDA, locum pharmacists are entitled to the following services; employment and professional support, locum contract dispute resolution, professional advice, risk management development, active education, research agenda etc.

National Pharmacy Association (NPA): With over 100 years of experience, the NPA provides indemnity insurance for pharmacists, dispensary assistants etc.

Pharmacy Insurance Agency (PIA): Experts in providing insurance policies for pharmacists, technicians, qualified personnel as well as for commercial purposes.

These organisations provide additional services to registered locum pharmacists and pharmacies as regards averting risk exposures throughout a term. These services include risk management training, legal advice and legal aid.

Insurance providers usually require locums and pharmacies to renew subscriptions annually. It is preferred that you maintain continuous cover, either as a newly qualified locum or an experienced locum.

As a footnote, obtaining an insurance policy is advisable for locums. This ensures you are aware of the level of protection you have in the worst-case scenario.

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