Locum Smart Card

Locum smart card for pharmacists is part of the essential tools required in a day to day practice of a pharmacists. With it, you can gain access to patients’ records, receive an electronic prescription in the pharmacy and much more. In the ever-changing world of a pharmacy, the roles are here to stay and here to expand as you are already aware from the introduction of EPS (Electronic Prescription Services) to the expansion to the more advanced EPS2 services.

Obtaining a locum smart card basically involves visiting a local registration authority (RA) centre, as you need to have your physical photo taken to be on your personalised smart card. As a locum, it is essential that the smart card you obtain is open to be used in various pharmacies. This needs to be tagged with the codes: FFFFF

When you call to make an appointment with your local RA, ask for specific documents they need. At this point, mention that you are interested in obtaining the locum smartcard for pharmacists, as some RA require that you present with a letter from an agency to show that you are a locum.

You may contact your local RA from the list on this link 

If you need further information, get in touch with us today. For locum shifts in your area, register here for access to several shifts throughout the UK

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