Lockdown November:
lockdown november

So, the clock has gone back one hour. Days are getting shorter. Winter jackets and Boots now are in the wardrobe forefront. Well, these are expected changes at this time of the year. There has been an additional change added to the mix. England Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced lockdown on the 31st of October 2020. This lockdown is to commence on Thursday, 5th of November 2020, this measure is put in place to help curb further spread of covid 19.

As key workers, pharmacies remain open during this one month lockdown period. As you look after your patients, remember to look after yourself. Take measures to ensure your health – both physical and mental health.

Here are a few tips to get you going

1. Car checks – It is time to check your tyres to make sure they are suitable for driving during this time. Check you have your roadside assistance membership updated if you have not done so already. Although car garages are most likely to stay open, prevention is always better than cure.

2. Check your phone is up to date with the appropriate apps to check for weather conditions in your area. You are well aware ahead of time if you need to leave home early for a booked shift. Also, ensure phones and Sat-Navigation devices are adequately charged as a matter of routine and habit.

A few Events to look forward to in November

1. Movember – This is the time of the year again to join in raising awareness for mental health, suicide, prostate and testicular cancer. You can retain your moustache to show your support. Remember, there are other ways to be Mo-brother /Mo-Sister. This includes Mo-ve for November. Check out how you can join in your support here

2. Bonfire Night – There is no doubt that bonfire night (5th of November) will look different this year. Stay safe. Visit ROSPA for more safety advice. If you are on a stay away in Northern Ireland, remember you need a special licence to purchase, possess and use fireworks.

3.Black Friday – 27th of November – This is a good day to look forward to, to grab a bargain as you shop for Christmas presents for loved ones. You can still grab a bargain during your break at work by shopping online. See here for a guide. Remember to ensure you have enough data for web browsing. Enjoy!

If you are purchasing the Royal British Legion’s poppy online for remembrance day, remember to do this by Tuesday 3rd of November. Otherwise, you can always pick this up from Supermarkets. Take caution to purchase from a reputable source who will donate to charity.

In conclusion, there are a lot of hopeful events to look out for in November. Eat healthily, be positive, look after yourself and stay safe.

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