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Accept shifts in seconds! With the leading Verovian APP, you can choose the dates you want to work on the go. No more logging on to database to choose a weekly shift. Pick and choose the dates you want, the location you want and the rate you want, right here at the palm of your hands
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Verovian APP brings you the latest update in your field


Search for a position, Apply for a job, save to favourite, refer to a friend and much more. Verovian APP is tailorred to your personal preference. Sign up today and see what we have to offer our locums

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Weekly View of Your tasks


When you register with us, you can be rest assured that you have your availability to hand always. You can have a quick browse of your assignments in the coming week, tasks you apply for, pending tasks, and the ones you have completed. You get notified of shifts first hand, you can choose to accept or decline - all in real time.

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Diary APP and so much more.....


In addition to applying for tasks, requesting shifts on the go, receiving instant confirmation and much more.... with Verovian APP, you can send us an instant message on the go for any query you may have if you would rather send a message. We have developed this APP to ensure we make booking shifts easier for our locums. Download our APP today and start enjoying all these benefits.

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