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Verovian consultancy provides recruitment solutions both for clients and candidates to find the prefect fit for both parties throughout the United Kingdom. We have worked with some of the major healthcare providers throughout the UK including private, NHS and charity organisations. Did you know we were the first agency with booking APP for locums? We are a truly innovative organisation; always on the look out for the best way to enhance your experience with us.

We specialise in Allied Health Professionals [AHP] , Community Sectors and Health Science Staffs [HSS] recruitment throughout the UK. We are firmly focused on our mission to serve our candidate with due diligence using innovative methods, hence resulting in quality measurable results every time. Combining unparalled experience across various major fields of healthcare recruitment, we work alongside our clients aligning our services to meet both their clinical and financial needs. Verovian Consultancy have been awarded a position on the NHS Framework Agreement for AHP and HSS to source healthcare professionals in these fields throughout the UK.

OUR watchwords are QUALITY, INNOVATION and DILIGENCE These mean more than mere words with us. They are the at the core of all we embark to do at Verovian Consultancy with regards to our services to both our client, candidates and our colleagues. These three make up our partners as far as we are concerned.


   General Excellence of Standard or level

Quality services

Quality is embedded at every step we take in our services to you. We ensure we carry out due diligence to provide top services for our top quality professionals. In addition to this, we ensure we invest in tools that assist to bring about these services, with the intricate understanding of the delicate nature of your profession, we have invested in technology to bring minimal distraction to your daily activity when we need to get in touch with you. Technology is a great component of this as this is utilised a lot in our daily activities as it aids in delivering functional services, hence helps to maintain fruitful relationship with both our clients and candidates. We therefore aim to invest in this sector as to make communication smooth with our partners as they play their role in various workplace.

We understand that technology, however important is only a part of the full story. We understand the importance of building and maintaining relationships with all clients and candidates. We encourage you to inform us if there are any parts of our services that might need improvement and we always actively seek for feedback of our services to you so we can truly know your expectations and how to fulfil these.


  Make changes in something established, especially by intoducing new ideas, methods or products.

Insight is inestimable and we will not disregards the importance of a knowledgeable consultant's impact in the growth of our organisation, attracting and retaining clients, supporting candidates in their career placement and in the morale and growth of the consultant. We therefore invest in our consultants to be at the fore-front of the new trends and happenings in the healthcare industry and this has direct impact of our "partners" and the knowledge helps us to know how best to contribute positively to their careers.

Innovation is key to delivering the result of such knowledge. With our constant exposure and communication with our candidates, we understand most lead a busy lifestyle and thrive hard to maintain work/play/lifestyle relationship. Our aim is not only to innovate, but to also execute the innovation we have set our minds to achieve. Developing a mobile website helps to have direct contact with us when you are on the go, you can update your diary of your availability, respond to us via sms, app or our website, keep up to date with news and happenings in your field.

In addition to keeping up with the innovation in the healthcare industry, our consultants are also at the forefront of the happenings in the recruitment world and this again helps to release insightful innovative management tools to support our clients and candidates to keep up to date with current legislation and regulations in the healthcare field.

Verovian Consultancy is always looking for ways to improve their services to their candidate. I am proud to be associated with this organisation
Anthony Arowolo, Locum Optometrist


  Careful and Persistent Work and Effort

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Work Hard, Work Smart, Play Harder

We believe there is no substitute for diligence in all fields. We trust our healthcare professionals to do their part whilst we do ours. We ensure you are compliant and offer all support we can to enable you to focus on your career development and growth. We in turn work hard to maintain good relationships with clients to ensure you are always booked when you want to.

With Verovian Consultancy, we aim for our candidates to develop to the peak of their various career and we are here to support you in anyway we can. We attract candidates and clients for various reasons but with regards to maintaining our relationship with them, it all comes down to our watchwords:               

Quality. Innovation. Diligence