How to increase workplace productivity as a locum
How to increase workplace productivity

Workplace productivity is an important factor in the growth of any company. It determines the level of success a company achieves over a period of time. Pharmacies have adopted the growing trend of pharmacist opting in for locuming jobs as an opportunity for the workforce to develop and transform.

Furthermore, this mode of work creates a room for flexibility and work-life balance hence, creates an avenue to increase workplace productivity.

The output of a locum is measured by their level of productivity. But on the flip side, there are existing productivity blockers that can hinder productive work i.e reoccurring routines. However, there are systematic steps to help you mitigate this drawback. Below are a few tips to keep you on the move.

Develop your communication skills

Good communication is a fundamental requirement if you aim to increase workplace productivity. Your ability to communicate ideas, thoughts or values effectively both verbally and non-verbally adds a lot to your credit score.

However, enhancing your communication skills will require the adoption of certain tools or techniques. Communication in the workplace goes beyond text or calls, you will need to implement communication tools that can facilitate team collaboration.

Another aspect of communication to be considered is the workplace protocol. Locums should understand the system of operation as regards filing reports or making complaints. Furthermore, mastering the art of communication can foster locum efficiency in a pharmacy setting.

Become an expert in the use of work tools

Certain work tools have been adopted by pharmacies to help locums in performing routine tasks more efficiently. These work accessories are customised according to the peculiar operations in a pharmacy. A few examples include:

As a locum pharmacist, your ability to utilise pharmacy management softwares can help improve your productivity where ever you are assigned to locum.

Set time-bound targets

It is important to adopt a habit of attaching time frames to tasks, this will help you stay focused as you aim to complete tasks in due time. Working in a pharmacy involves adhering to established standards. You should ensure to meet established standards and follow guidelines as regards your assigned role.

On a daily basis, you can decide to define a task objectively and come up with implementable strategies to help you achieve results within a specified time frame.

How to increase workplace productivity

Focus on quality over quantity

In your quest to execute tasks, it is imperative to focus on delivering meaningful and substantial value at the pharmacy. Embarking on five tasks for the day and completing three is substantial compared to embarking on 5 tasks and completing none.

It is more rewarding to focus and finish a single task before moving on to the next. However, whenever you need to multitask, you should ensure your targets are quite measurable.

Stay organised and manage your time

While locuming affords you the opportunity to manage your time according to your preference. You need to adopt proper time management techniques to help enhance productivity. As a locum, you need to organise and plan how to allocate a certain amount of time to specific activities.

This can help introduce a smarter way of working as you accomplish more in less time and increase efficiency. The verovian app is equipped with smart tools to help you manage your locuming shifts so you have time to focus on other things.

In addition, it is beneficial to be organised as a locum especially with patients data and locuming schedules. However, being organised has a great impact on productivity level as it allows you to be more focused on important tasks rather than looking for records or trying to remember things.

Improve your receptiveness to feedback

Sometimes feedback in the workplace can be a building block to your success if taken seriously. Being receptive to feedback doesn’t mean you are open to noise. Moreover, it means you are able to listen, analyse and understand the contents of feedback without been offended. Hence, you have an idea of what to improve on or what to keep at bay.

In addition, this is not always easy, first off you need to be in the right frame of mind. Hence, you can focus on the facts and separate sentiments from constructive criticism.

Keep track of your performance

Setting goals and crushing them can be quite fulfilling as it helps increase workplace productivity. This amplifies your self-esteem and drives you to accomplish more. But on the flip side, it can become frustrating being stuck in one task and this can put a damper on your productivity level.

Basically, when you know how well you are doing at a task, it builds your self-confidence and motivates you to pinpoint areas you can improve on.

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