How to build workplace interpersonal relationship as a locum
interpersonal relationship

As a healthcare professional, your interpersonal relationship with other members of your organisation forms the bedrock for success and personal fulfilment

An interpersonal relationship is a social term describing the formation or existence of a cordial bond between two or more people within a particular setting or environment. This prevailing attraction plays a vital role in forming a synergy that brings individuals closer to each other.

Eventually, this leads to deeper levels of commitment and strong interpersonal relationship. Your role as a pharmacist involves daily interaction with co-workers and most importantly- your patients.

Thus, interpersonal relationship, which exists amongst co-workers and patients, leads to greater team bonding and timely completion of projects.

Let’s consider a few reasons why interpersonal relationship is essential in a pharmacy

Importance of interpersonal relationship in a pharmacy

1) Keeps monotonous work at bay: Although workplace productivity in most times is tied to your ability to concentrate without distraction, receptive routines can sometimes bore you out. Hence, a need to communicate, interact and share your feelings with members of your team.

2) Improves organization culture: In a workplace environment, it is normal to encounter certain issues that can bring misunderstanding and lead to negativity amongst co-health workers. Conflicts without a definite resolve can disrupt workflow but the existence of interpersonal relationship brings sanity and continuity of work.

3) Fosters motivation and hard work: A workplace void of relational friction keeps workers motivated and willing to put in the necessary work. As a locum, you need people who will appreciate your work and give honest feedback. This goes a long way to keep you positive and fulfilled in your role.

4) Creates a support system: An existing interpersonal relationship with colleagues creates an avenue for support whenever the need arises. When you have people who share common interests with you, they are more likely to show support when necessary.

5) Encourages team bonding/teamwork: Working, as a team can be worrisome if the interpersonal relationship is lacking amongst team members. There is a need for individuals to get along because you really can’t do all the work alone.

Tips to improve your interpersonal relationship as a locum

1. Have respect for your workplace: There is a code of conduct that should be adopted in the workplace. To be efficient in service you need to act professionally. It is demeaning to misbehave to other co-workers, patients or the pharmacy manager. Hence, you should set boundaries for yourself and others to avoid disrespect.

2. Keep your ego at bay: Allowing your ego to get in the way of your relationship with people in the workplace puts you on the wrong side of work ethics. Yes, you should create boundaries but there should be a balance you should not be caught up in making fun of colleagues for personal pleasure.

3. Avoid politics at the workplace: Getting entangled with politics at the pharmacy can cause harm to you in the long run. It tends to attract more enemies than friends and much worse, diminishes your sense of integrity.

4. Allow some breathing space for co-workers: There is a need for personal privacy in the workplace. You can place limits on how often you ask personal questions and maintain a professional approach at all times.

5. Make proper investigations before judging any situation: It is important to keep sentiments at bay in the workplace. Issues should be addressed with an objective approach, instead of acting/speaking based on thoughts and feelings, proper investigations should be made first.

6. Maintain confidentiality: People tend to confide in someone they feel safe with. Patients will be more open to you if they find you trustworthy.

7. Adopt an approachable disposition: As a pharmacist, you are involved in providing healthcare services at the pharmacy. It does a lot of good if you are well disposed or easy to get along with.

Must have interpersonal skills for locums

Emotional intelligence: This quality describes your ability to manage your emotions properly. It involves 5 key elements: self-awareness, self-control, self-motivation, empathy and social skills.

Good Communication skills (verbal/non-verbal): An important factor in any social setting, from speaking to patients politely to maintaining eye contact when speaking to patients

Active listening: As an active listener, you are more open to diverse viewpoints and insights from other people. This goes a long way to improve your communication.

Respectful: Your ability to respect the opinions of others even if it is contrary to your perspective adds a good vibe to your interpersonal relationship.

Empathy: Being in tune with the thoughts, feelings and needs of others helps build successful relationships

Problem solving: Proffering solutions to patients and sometimes co-workers who need clarifications improve your interpersonal relationship

Receptiveness to feedback: Being open to feedback from both co-workers and patients helps you improve in many ways

Approachable: An approachable locum pharmacist becomes a favourite point of reference for everyone. There won’t be an incidence of ill-treatment or even mental abuse

Collaborative: A good locum pharmacist puts a lot of effort in making things work hence, a good report on work productivity

Conflict management: This skill keeps you in control of situations as you are able to resolve issues within the pharmacy in an effective manner

Relating with patients

– Establish rapport with patients as soon as possible

– Ensure your patients is comfortable

– Address true concerns of your patients

– Encourage patients to share his/her plight openly to you

– Respond to patients with respect

– Be patient and empathetic when addressing patients

Relating with co-workers

– Keep your verbal and verbal communications in check

– Be approachable, this adds to your credit score of being a good locum

– Show regard for co-workers; acknowledge accomplishments, ideas and contributions

– Foster team spirit by being accountable and meeting up with commitment deadlines

– Do not alienate co-workers by being blameful

Relating to pharmacy managers

– Always be part of the solution

– Be adaptable to changes in system of work

– Be assertive with your contributions

– Display emotional intelligence – especially with regards to constructive criticism and feedback

In conclusion, a lot of positivity can emanate from the right kind of interpersonal relationship. In a pharmacy chain comprising of multiple workers, there is a need for an existing relationship to help curb indifferences and promote a healthy work environment.

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