Flu Jab Training: What you need to know


The outbreak of influenza (Flu) has called for immediate response; top pharmacy chains are now offering flu vaccination services to help contain the spread of the virus.

Consequently, this makes it an added fundamental requirement for both permanent and locum pharmacists to become Flu Jab trained.

Therefore, pharmacists who are required to work in pharmacy stores offering NHS flu vaccination services must undergo training or refresher course where applicable.

Why Flu Training For Pharmacists?

Firstly, medical research experts suggest that Flu shots be administered to patients. This is to protect them against the four strains of influenza viruses. These infection are more prevalent during the current and upcoming winter season.

Secondly, according to the NHS, Flu vaccination training is a must-have for healthcare professionals. This training should be alongside cardiopulmonary resuscitation and anaphylaxis training. These trainings require re-assessment every two years to ensure updated guidelines are adequately absorbed and practised.

Thirdly, for pharmacists, the flu training gives access to better rates and improved efficiency in service delivery. At a period where flu vaccination services are needed – during Autumn and Winter months, you become highly sought after. As a locum who offers patients flu vaccination, you reserve the right to negotiate better rates

Most importantly, the objective behind Flu training is to ensure safe and effective vaccination thus, adequate technical know-how. Flu training ensures the continuation of service to patients. A positive approach to vaccine administration forms part of the key basis for successful delivery and performance.

Covid 19 and its impact on Flu vaccination

We know that covid 19 and influenza infection shows similar symptoms in humans. Concurrent emergencies existing between the recent covid-19 pandemic and flu season necessitates the need for pharmacists to have in-depth knowledge in administering flu vaccines.

There is a yearly reformation regarding the flu vaccine in preparation for the coming season; this includes three strains of influenza typically picked for selection each year by the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System.

The chosen strains include H1N1, H3N2 and type-B strains, which are alleged to most likely spread and cause more harm in the coming season. The year 2020 has been different since the inclusion of another strain of influenza, which was added in March. Consequently, the vaccines are currently in circulation and has been in distribution since September, 2020.

Therefore, when we take a look at the present situation, it is improbable that focusing on providing flu vaccines can effect significant changes in the provision of Covid-19 vaccine. However, with the much-anticipated circumstances, measures are been taken to ensure hospitals/clinics do not get inundated with the influx of patients suffering from influenza virus.

These measures include ensuring locum pharmacists are well inducted in the practice of flu vaccine administration. Additionally, according to the centre for disease control and infection (CDC), the anticipation is that there will be at least 194 million shots of flu vaccine made available for the coming season.

Declaration Of Competence

Flu jab training aims to enhance confidence and competence in the delivery of the vaccine to patients. As a result, this ascertains the need for pharmacists to review their knowledge base every 2 years as part of eligibility procedures to render NHS Flu vaccination services in designated pharmacy stores.


In conclusion, some training resources are available online. These links are for information only. Verovian does not endorse any of the following organisation.

Alliance Healthcare – Skills in Healthcare


Buttercups Training Ltd

Cambrian Alliance

Health Academy

Global Health Medical

National Pharmacy Association

Rx Advisor Ltd

Pharmacy Complete 

For more information regarding influenza (flu) training resources and requirements please visit PSNC.ORG

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