Essential Tips For Maximizing Your Recruiter Relationship

Maximizing your recruiter relationship can be a great way to give your job search a boost, but there are a few important points to consider when seeking out the help of a recruiting firm. When you’re searching for a new job, working with a skilled recruiter can make all the difference.

A recruiter can help open doors to your dream company, provide input on your marketing materials, and coach you on what works and doesn’t work during interviews for a specific client.

By following these essential tips, you can maximize your recruiter relationship by building a positive partnership throughout your career journey.

Tips For Maximizing Your Recruiter Relationship

Do your research

Setting clear goals can help your research process to identifying a great recruiter to partner with on your career journey. Answering vital questions like, what companies would you love to work for? What type of company culture is a good fit for you? What is your dream position? would help clarify your goals.

Some recruiters focus on all aspects of recruitment, from temporary placement help to direct and permanent placements; while some focus on executive search level engagements only. It’s important to understand your staffing agency to see if they are a good fit, by getting to know what they are about.

Is it best for you to engage in temporary work with a company you choose to work permanently with? At Verovian, you will be advised when its best to do this and when it is important to avoid this approach. Your engagement is tailored to your personal requirement.

Here are a few questions to ask while interviewing your recruiter:

  • What experience do you have in the industry that enables you to relate to both clients and candidates?
  • How often do you staff roles with the skill sets in my background?
  • What is the candidate ‘fall off’ rate?
  • Do you proactively market your candidates?

Make sure part of your research involves finding a recruiter who has the experience and expertise required to know where to source from, how to properly interview and qualify potential candidates.

Submit your compliance documents

Submitting your compliance documents is crucial to the successful screening and on-boarding of new employees. Therefore, invest your time in making sure your documents are current and up to date.

Thinking about how you are going to pitch yourself to your recruiter is important. State your qualifications, experience and key skill sets in your resume. You can consider investing in a professional resume writing service to ensure you have an optimized and marketable resume that will truly sell you.

You can invest in a professional resume writing service like PurpleCV to have access to your own writer, unlimited revisions for 12 months and so much more.

Uphold commitments

after agreeing to attend a meeting or an interview your recruiter has scheduled for you, follow through on the agreement. If you come off as being nonchalant, it reflects poorly not only on yourself but also on the recruiter.

Help recruiters help You

Recruiters base the recommendation they make on the information they have. Being open and honest about facts from past hires is important for maximizing your recruiter relationship and achieving your goals.

Share pertinent information with your recruiter in order to prevent them from repeating old mistakes. For example, if you’ve held several positions in a short period of time or have gaps in employment, communicate it. That way he or she would know how to represent you to employers.

Maximizing your recruiter relationship via referral

You’d agree that businesses thrive on referrals, and recruitment agencies are businesses. Therefore, by offering qualified referrals to a recruiter, it will put you at the top of their list for future job opportunities.

For instance, a recruiter reaches out to you about a job opening you are not interesting in, you can use the opportunity to refer someone from your network who would be a better fit for the position. By doing this you are sending business to the recruiter, and in turn would help in maximizing your recruiter relationship.

Keep in touch even after you’ve gotten the job

Follow up with your recruiter on a regular basis even after you’ve gotten the job. In some cases, a recruiter can be a career advocate for you on the long run. You never know when next you might need a new job.

By staying in touch, you can gain valuable insight on what employers are currently looking out for in candidates with your career background. This can help you navigate through this competitive job market.

In conclusion, a great recruitment agency wants the search to close successfully and they want to continue to be your recruiting partner for future positions. In other words, take advantage of any free technological investment they offer (free app, free navigation, free record keeping) and follow some of these essential tips for maximizing your recruiter relationship.

We at Verovian Recruitment Agency value partnerships and working side by side with you to achieving your career goals, get the most out of your relationship with us.

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