7 Effective ways to have a great day at work: A locum’s guide
Effective ways to have a great day at work

Success in life is achieved by being intentional with actions. Each day comes with a different challenge and the manner with which you approach your situation determines the outcome. Every locum looks forward to a great day at work. It fosters a feeling of fulfilment hence, keeps you motivated and productive. However, on a longterm basis, you need to draw up a routine plan that can help you stay on track each day.

A number of factors can influence the overall outcome of your day but you play an important role in determining the total outcome on a daily basis. As you read on I will explain factors and tips that can contribute to making your day at work worthwhile.

Extroversion or Introversion, what’s your disposition?

Locuming involves a lot of daily interaction especially with patients and your behavioural disposition is a predisposing factor to how you handle situations. Although different people exhibit certain degrees of introversion or extroversion one is more predominant than the other. Introverted locums exhibit a lower level of extroversion while an extroverted locum exhibits a higher level of extroversion.

A good day at work for an introverted locum is one without a lot of social gathering and as long as they complete their tasks without interruption they are good to go. Introverted locums tend to interact less but form a more intimate relationship with patients and co-workers they are familiar with. They are quieter and more reflective than extroverted locums.

Meanwhile, an extroverted locum is a life at the party with a bubbling and outgoing nature, always wanting to meet new people as they are good at initiating a rapport. Furthermore, an extrovert locum is quite enthusiastic about work / social activities. Hence, their drive to constantly engage with their environment makes them more active.

Additionally, some locums naturally display both introversion and extroversion personalities on a balanced scale, such locums are referred to as ambiverts.

Effective ways to have a great day at work

Stress tolerance level

Every locum has a certain level of stress they can manage per time. When stress levels are balanced within a workplace it enhances engagement and excitement at work. Locums with a high-stress tolerance level tends to have a more fulfilled day. These locums are able to maintain emotional stability whilst in a difficult situation. They are able to handle deadlines and remain steadfast until a task is finished.

Whereas a locum who has a low-stress tolerance level will easily be stressed out emotionally amidst difficult situations. Comfort for them comes from working with predetermined schedules and can become frustrated with tasks that have no definite time frame. You can learn how to manage stress as a locum with these easy tips.

7 Effective ways to have a great day at work

1. Arrive early at the pharmacy: Starting off early at the pharmacy is the first step to making your day count. You do away with having to rush up to avoid being late or even receiving negative feedback from the company. Furthermore, arriving early helps you stay organised as you have more time to review hand over notes and get prepared for your tasks.

2. Utilise your breaks: You need some time to wind down, relax and shake off the stress. Working for long hours without a break can be harmful to your mental and physical health over time. Ensure to take out time off your workspace for about 30 mins or more. This will help you cool off so you can come back refreshed and ready to continue with a new approach. However, you can take a walk, take lunch or engage yourself in a conversation that takes your attention off work for a short while.

3. Avoid negative influences: Negativity is something you don’t want to associate yourself with while working at the pharmacy. It puts a damper on your mood and can diminish your productivity. It’s advisable to surround yourself with all the positivity you can get. Negative influences can ruin your day as they have nothing to offer, instead, it makes you feel worse about situations you encounter.


Effective ways to have a great day at work

4. Do things that boost your mood: It is quite to be in the right frame of mind while you work, just as discussed earlier, your stress tolerance level plays a vital role in determining how you respond to work pressure. Whether it’s listening to music, engaging in conversations or watching funny clips at a spare time. you can make an intentional attempt to do somethings that lifts your mood when work pressure seems overwhelming.

5. Map out a routine and stick to it: You definitely do not want to be all over the place without a direction or line of focus. A huge part of achieving a great day at work involves accomplishing set goals as planned. It springs a feeling of excitement and fulfilment when things go as orchestrated. Although this doesn’t come easy, it will require your steadfastness and commitment to become a reality.

6. Adopt receptiveness to feedback: Your ability to handle feedback, either negative or positive goes a long way to set you on the path to career advancement. Positive feedbacks put a smile on your face but a negative one can sometimes push you into feeling frustrated at work. Nevertheless, if you are open to feedback without taking them personally you will be happier. Hence, you worry less about things you can t change and redirect your focus to ways you can improve your approach.

7. Adapt to changes: Change is a constant thing which means we almost cannot avoid it. Adaptability is a useful skill for locuming as you gain exposure to different environments and different work ethics. Embracing change is the easiest way to get on at work and respond positively. When you encounter a moment of change it is better to adjust quickly so you don’t get stuck in the process.

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