Benefits of Working As A Locum Pharmacist
Benefits of Working As A Locum Pharmacist

In Great Britain, the number of community pharmacies is over 14,000 with each one in need of 2 to 3 Locum Pharmacists to work and cover shifts every week.

Accordingly, many pharmacies do decide to hire locum pharmacists in order to cover available gaps in their schedule, maternity leave, sick leave, or staff holidays. There is also a high demand for Locum Pharmacists during the administration of vaccines.

Locum roles can be both short-term and long-term. Short terms roles have varied working hours and places.

Long-term for example can cover sick leave or maternity in a particular pharmacy.

Longer-term bookings are usually known as “block bookings or stay away”; this is because the pharmacist will need to travel and stay locally for a specified period of time.

You can imagine the wide range of opportunities working as a Locum Pharmacist provides.

Below we listed out reasons why you should Locum:

A varied work experience:

When working as a locum Pharmacist, in a week, you get to work at different locations and get exposed to various socio-economic group environments.

With that, you will get to observe the different types of management systems used in different pharmacies.

This type of experience can be of great help in making future career decisions when planning on a permanent job at a later stage.

It also allows you to develop key interpersonal and professional acuity skills, making you an ultimately better pharmacist.

Having a work-life balance:

Being a locum Pharmacist allows you to adjust your work with your family life, other career opportunities, and scheduled appointments.

Whether your plan is to start a family or return to a full-time education to complete a program, locuming provides you the opportunity to adjust to changes and be there for other things when you need to.

You can build a network:

As a Locum Pharmacist, you get to meet different people as you work.

This is possible because you get to work at different pharmacies in different parts of a country.

Thus, you can develop more professional connections, which leads to building a great network.

Flexibility and Control:

You get to have control over your career as a Locum. Locum pharmacists decide the type of pharmacy, where, and when they want to work.

For someone that doesn’t like to be restricted to a particular job and location, being a locum is a good choice.

Locum pharmacists have the opportunity to travel to wherever they want because, in the UK and Ireland, almost every town has about one pharmacy or more. Workflow can vary however you want.

You can do part time shifts, day or night shifts, weekly shifts or whatever you are up to.

Meaning you can work however long you want and can take as many holidays as you wish.

Reduced management:

As a locum, you can focus on providing your major duties without having to worry unnecessarily about the pharmacy’s management system, their end-of-month reports, when compared to a full-time pharmacist job.

But it is important you know that while you have other responsibilities, occasionally you will find yourself in a position as a senior or experienced member of staff.

Therefore, you will need to lead by example in such situations.

Here are some tips that will help you as a Locum Pharmacist:

  • Build a good reputation with colleagues & clients.
  • Be a team player, friendly and professional.
  • Keep an organized diary to ensure you don’t apply for more than one role at the same time.
  • Knowing more than one dispensing system will be an advantage to you.
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