Being A Locum Optician And Its Benefits
Locum Optician

As a Locum optician, you have the responsibilities of fitting customers’ lenses, providing consultation, and changing frames.

Not only that, but they also examine patients’ eyes and are responsible for testing the sights and writing prescriptions for people.

Opticians are professionals who can help fit eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision-correcting devices.

To become an optometrist you must be registered with the General Optical Council (GOC). You need to have completed a three-year University course that is GOC approved.

Also, you should have about 12 – 15 months of experience in a pre-registration training position and must have passed the GOC final assessment.

As an Optician, some benefits come with working as a locum; they are:

Flexible working hours:

As a Locum Optician, you get to work as your own boss.

You can effectively plan your time & choose when you want to work.

Locum Opticians can schedule their working hours and locations to suit any personal responsibilities they may have.

Advance your skillset:

By working as a locum optician you will be exposed to a lot of patients, situations, and positions in a relatively short period of time.

Therefore making you quickly gain many skills and experience.

Many locum opticians choose the shifts or positions they want.

Also, you can choose what you want based on whether the roles will enhance their profile and skill set or not.

Determine your pay rate:

As a Locum Optician, you work as your own boss by carrying out various responsibilities for companies (your client) and then charge them for the time you spent working.

For a Locum, it is required that your employers pay national insurance contributions.

Also, you are not allowed employee benefits such as sick pay & pension contributions.

This can leave you with an opportunity to plan & negotiate your daily or hourly rate.

An opportunity for retired opticians:

Retired opticians can choose to work as locums to keep themselves updated with any changes in the evolving industry.

There are senior positions that require the knowledge that comes from many years of experience.

These positions are well suited to retired professionals who have the expertise to effect change and make developments where necessary.

Finding work as a Locum Optician

Boots is one of the biggest pharmacy-led health and beauty retailers in the UK.

They have many stores with a department committed to eye care services. They take in locums to cover shifts for full-time staff that are on annual leave or are sick.

You can register as a locum with VEROVIAN RECRUITMENT AGENCY; this is a great way for you to secure Locum Optician work.

We have a bank of both Locum Healthcare workers & Clients (companies). You will be contacted whenever there is an available shift or when your services are required.

Examples of some companies that hire Locum Opticians when they are needed to fill staff gaps are Vision Express, Specsavers, and Asda.

When you register with VEROVIAN as a Locum Optician, you must upload your details for confirmation.

You will then be assigned a consultant that will contact you whenever there is a position that suits your location and availability.

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