A Locum Guide: 7 Pro Tips To A Great First Shift
locum first shift

The first shift at a new location as a locum can be particularly difficult. However, locum jobs are a great way to branch out and try working in new locations without making a long-term commitment.

With every locum job you do, you get the chance to expand your professional network. Beyond that, you have the opportunity to travel across the UK to offer your sought-after skill set.

Regardless of how many years you’ve been working locum, resuming a shift at a new location can be quite daunting. You are often required to quickly get up to speed with new tech systems, environments, and staff.

Bearing that in mind, we have come up with seven pro tips to help you integrate quickly from the first day you resume shift at a new location.

Pro Tips To A Great First Shift As A Locum

Invest In Comfortable Clothing

As a locum working to provide essential health care to patients, it is vital to feeling comfortable in your clothing. Before resuming your first shift, endeavour to pick out reliable, comfortable clothing and footwear.

If you’re yet to invest in comfortable clothing, then this should definitely be on your to-do list. When sourcing the best clothing to ensure your comfort through the busiest shift, it is important to bear in mind the weight of the fabric, and how easy it is to clean.

Plan Ahead And Be Organised 

Set yourself up for success even before you start your first shift by making sure you have the phone number of a contact at your new placement. That way you can always keep them updated if you have issues locating the store or you encounter a delay.

Being your first shift, you might have someone ready to show you the procedure they operate by. Be sure to get the name of who will be onboarding you from your Verovian Consultant, so that the process is seamless.

Show Up Early

Double-check the pharmacy location beforehand. If you don’t have your own car to transport yourself, conclude on the means of transportation you’ll need to get there.

After accepting your first shift on Verovian’s App, navigate to the ‘My diary’ tab – You will see the date of your booked shift on the green, tap on the date and the information about your booking will pop up. The pop-up will include;

  • Task Name
  • Store Address
  • Opening Hours
  • Rate per Hour
  • Store Contact

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

When it comes to your first shift as a locum, remember the importance of communication skills, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Everyone has at one point or the other before, being in your position as the “new guy” on their first shift, even your most senior colleagues. Therefore, feel confident to ask questions on topics you are not clear with.

Introduce Yourself To Colleagues

Taking on a new shift, you’d be expected to settle in quickly and adapt to the job quickly. This includes communicating efficiently with your colleagues.

The best approach is to jump straight into your first shift, is to introduce yourself to your team members, be open, friendly, and receptive.

Building a rapport with your colleagues may make it easier working together, not just on your first shift but throughout your stay. This also gives you a chance to build a professional network.

Be Flexible

The role of a locum is to fill gaps and provide service, which may sometimes vary. For instance, you may be told to take up additional responsibility or take up additional shifts from what is agreed, due to last-minute changes.

Don’t complain, instead call Verovian Agency and ask for advice on the next line of action to take bearing the near future in mind. If you’re seen as being helpful, they’re more likely to select you over others for any future shift opportunities.

Lead With Confidence

You were hired to cover your first shift for a reason – You have the qualification and skill set they need. Be confident in this fact and lead when you can. 

The more you are able to share your strengths with your new colleagues, the chances are that you can learn a lot from them also.

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