8 Important Things Locum Pharmacists Should Carry To Work
6 Important Things Locum Pharmacists Should Carry To Work

As a Locum Pharmacist, there is a notable variability as to what is expected of you to carry to work. Especially with the constant change from one Pharmacy or store to another.

This will demand that you always try to adjust to every new environment and their different working conditions.

Irrespective of where you find yourself, it is noteworthy to know that you may find yourself in some situations where basic items will be needed and helpful to you.

Hence, it is advisable that you don’t overlook having any of these items on you when resuming to work. These items can help you avoid delays on your way to work or prevent issues that may arise at work.

Listed below are essential items you should consider having on you when leaving for work:

Responsible Pharmacist Notice

Whenever you are booked to cover a Locum shift, it is best practice to always have your Responsible Pharmacist Notice on you.

The notice displays your name, registration number and the fact that you are in charge of the pharmacy at that time. This Responsible Pharmacist Notice is available to every Registered Pharmacist and anyone can print it.

It is best a good idea to have both the portrait or landscape formats on you, depending on the store template’s setup.

Medicines, Ethics and Practice (MEP)

Locum Pharmacists on a daily basis at work face ethical challenges as much as other Health care professionals and need to have special ethical support to help you make decisions.

The MEP helps pharmacists in providing professionally tailored patients healthcare services; it depends on a set of values that Health care professionals can refer to when in any situation of confusion or conflict.

This is a guide to assess ethical dilemma or query when at work or rendering your service.

Therefore, with the MEP within your reach, you will feel more confident making the right decisions.

British National Formulary

The British National Formulary [BNF] is an essential reference Locum Pharmacists use for prescribing, dispensing, and administering medicines.

This reference guide contains a wide range of advice and information on prescribing, dosage, available forms, and pharmacology of drugs.

Majority of locum pharmacists find that is more practical to have the BNF as an APP on your phone.

Moreover, it is best practice for you to make your work colleague aware you are assessing your reference guides on your phones during working hours. This is to avoid people from thinking that you are doing something different on your phone asides from your work.

A Diary

Keeping a diary as a Locum Pharmacist helps you have a proper record of your daily activities.

Documenting your shifts, appointment and other such important commitments adequately guides against double bookings or unwarranted days off. It helps you to be more organized and professional.

With the VEROVIAN APP at your disposal, you get access to a FREE diary that helps you manage your availability to work and you don’t miss out on dates. The App also links to a navigation app to direct you to work straight from our app.

Your Pen

In this period of COVID-19, it is important you have your personal pen for use.

This is to avoid contracting the virus by sharing pen with other people.

It is needed for prompt documentation of information, instead of you waiting for the pen been used by another individual.

Satellite Navigation System

As a Locum Pharmacist, having the Satellite Navigation System (Sat Navs) can help you locate a store easily especially when it is your first time working at such a place.

When you find yourself in road diversion or congestion, your Sat Nav can show you the quickest route to get to your destination in time.

Also, it is important in planning routes to work before heading out; which helps you avoid areas with traffic congestion.

High energy lunch with a bottle of water

As a pharmacist, you engage in a number of patient counselling and advice during the day.

It is important to keep hydrated by having your water close to you.
High energy lunch plays its role as this replenishes much energy spent in a fast-paced pharmacist environment.

A Hand Sanitizer

In this COVID-19 pandemic, having your personal hand sanitiser minimizes your exposure to contracting other people’s germs and this is crucial for your health.

A hand sanitiser is the perfect addition to (or occasional replacement for) washing your hands with water and soap.

Lastly, it is advisable that you have a durable and water proof bag, with lots of pockets.

A durable bag makes carriage easy & comfortable for you while ensuring that documents and other items are kept safe from damage.

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